Rowing Gloves for Hand Protection

rower wearing gloves

Why suffer with blisters? Our gloves:

  • Are lightweight & durable
  • Protect hands from painful injury
  • Maintain grip on wet oar handles
  • Allow for uninterrupted training
  • Easier and faster than applying tape
  • Help keep Bandaids™ in place while rowing

Row Smarter

The hand is crucial for so many types of activity. Why let the distraction of an injury impact your experience on the water?

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About The Crew Stop

The Crew Stop, LLC was formed by competitive rowers and coaches who weren't satisfied with the status quo, and recognized the need for a better solution to protect the hands without compromising technique.

Patented Design

After three years of development and field testing, the final design that incorporated the unique aspects of both sweep rowing and sculling was approved.


Rowers from around the world have shared their stories with us and how much our gloves have helped enhance their overall rowing experience.