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Get the Upper Hand

Saratoga Masters Women's 8+ finishes in the Top Ten at Head of the Charles wearing rowing gloves from The Crew Stop. No matter where you row or race, rowing gloves are completely legal for use in competition. They just might give you that competitive edge when seconds matter.

Focus on Your Technique

The hand is an integral player in how well we row. Why let the distraction of an injury impact an essential component of rowing?


This rower placed 2nd in her event in a field of 28. 1st place also won the 2015 Head of the Charles. 3rd place is a member of the Canadian National team. Nice company.

"The gloves have been great! ... really stellar. I've taken some time away from the oar, so I wanted a bit of extra preventive protection. They helped a lot with the slippery oar feeling when my handles got wet. I was able to maintain a grip and keep my arms a lot more relaxed, allowing the stronger muscles to move the boat."

– Grace Luczak, 2016 Olympian

"I have raced every year since I began in 1971. As I've gotten older and mixed sweep and sculling as well as ocean racing, I began experimenting with all sorts of gloves. Research is over! What I like most about The Crew Stop Gloves is their extremely low profile. They are light and cool – protect my hands – and provide an excellent grip in both sweaty and cold rainy/dry conditions."

– Ann Jonik, 1976 Olympian and lifelong member, Vesper Boat Club

"We used The Crew Stop gloves daily. They let us take a softer grip on the oars which reduced tension in our fingers/hands. The gloves proved to be an exceptionally valuable tool and kept each of our hands protected while allowing our hands to naturally grow callouses for further protection."

– Brian Kerr, Team Carbon Zerow, 2017 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge