Rowing Glove Testimonials

Hannah's rowing blisters after one week

A local high school rower was in desperate need of a solution for her injured hands. When we met her, she was using tape soaked in tea. She bought a pair of rowing gloves, and after one week saw a drastic improvement:

“Best choice I've ever made. Allowed me to row to my best ability and my hands to heal quickly; I could actually grip the oar properly. I'm never going to row without them!” - Hannah M.

willy on erg with gloves kathy rowing with gloves Vic kayaking with rowing gloves sharon rowing with gloves elizabeth rowing carol with rowing gloves John Hang Gliding with rowing gloves

“The handle on the erg is too big and bulky. Because of it, I tend to grip too hard. My grip causes my forearms to swell up and inhibit my erging ability. These gloves help me grip the handle less intensely and transfer the load from my forearms to my back and lats.” - Willy M, University of Delaware LWT '18

“Over the last two years, I've worn The Crew Stop rowing gloves sculling, sweep rowing, during winter training in the tanks, and on the erg. My grip was consistently stable and, more importantly to me, I've had few, if any, blisters to impact my rowing or training.” - Kathy B.

“I brought my gloves on a kayaking trip to Colorado. We kayaked several hours each day -- 3 days on the water and not one blister! I especially liked how quickly the gloves dried out.” - Vic D.

“I love my gloves. They are the perfect fit. Sometimes I row without them to build up my callouses. I wore two scullers last night and they worked great. You have a really nice product.” - Sharon G.

“TCS gloves are wonderful. I was a skeptic because I don't usually blister. I bought them to deal with the wooden/smooth oars - - and kept them on today even with better oar grips. Best blade control I've had in as long as I can remember.” - Elizabeth P.

“Thank you Crew Stop for my new rowing gloves! I love the snug fit and the palm grips are perfect when the oars get wet - - no more slipping. I haven't gotten a single blister since wearing them - goodbye to bare-handed rowing for me!” - Carol M.

“I got to try out your gloves while hang gliding; I had three flights and they worked great. And as an added bonus, I forgot to take them off as I was breaking down my glider at the end and I never noticed. My homemade hang gliding gloves I have to remove for any fine work. Your gloves performed admirably.” - John P.